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Construction of headquarters with a hangar for helicopters and airplanes (HEMS) at Goleniow Airport
Client: Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe Sp. z o.o.

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  • 2016-04-22
    Prime Construction has won the tender for the construction of a new production plant of automotive components for company Jaeger Poland Sp o.o. in Gryfino.
    This is the first stage of a large project in which Prime Construction will build the first plant with an area of 6.010m2 and roads of 11.990m2 surface including necessary underground infrastructure. The contractual date of completion of the contract is 20th December 2016. On behalf of the management board, we congratulate on winning to whole team involved in the project !
  • 2016-04-22
    Prime Construction has signed contract with Puccini for a construction of a new warehouse with office building and land development in Skarbimierzyce near Szczecin. Area of storage hall with offices is 5.750m2 and paved areas (roads, parking lots, sidewalks) are 3.249m2.
    Puccini is a leading provider in Poland of leather goods and travel bags of high quality, with a sales network of stores all over the Poland. All contractual works shall be finished in 7 months.
  • 2016-04-22
    Shareholders of Prime Construction held decision to start the implementation process of ISO 9001 according to the latest edition of 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015). The target of the Management Board of Prime Construction is to adapt company into a changing world, just to implement an organization's ability to satisfy our customers and provides a coherent foundation for growth and sustained success on construction market in Poland.
    Certification and accreditation of ISO9001:2015 standard is planned for the III-IV quarter of 2016.

Prime Construction

Prime Construction is a General Contracting company, providing an extensive range of services - from designing to construction of 'turn-key' projects.

Satisfaction of our clients, meeting their expectations and needs is a top of our list. In Prime Construction we believe that customers' trust is a value we need to care for everyday.

With our know-how in construction, design and our good finance capability we can provide to our clients hight quality product at competitive price.

Understanding of changing markets and customer demands we create everyday innovative solutions, to became a leader on the market in construction, keeping high quality and safety on the site, as well acting in accordance with our eco-friendly philosophy.

Prizes & awards

Good management and quality of service made us recognizable and trustworthy for our clients.

It also gave us a stable position on the construction market. It is proven by prizes and certificates we are awarded.